Why should you care about the definition of the 「Shopping Center」 in the lease?

This past week, we were working on a sizable shopping center acquisition in the Southeast. Part of the center had been a mall that was 「de-malled,」 while the balance was developed in two additional phases. The original mall became a series of big boxes, some traditional small shop retail, a few restaurants and a bit […]

Excluded areas – reducing or eliminating absorption

For purposes of prorata shares, leases will often define excluded areas as greater than some specified square footage. 「The tenant will pay a prorata share of real estate taxes based upon the leasable area of the center excluding premises (or occupants) greater than 25,000 square feet.」 You will see language like this in almost all […]

When Sloth from the Goonies is your leasing agent

You really never know what you are going to find in a lease when you are doing acquisitions. About three years ago, we did two shopping center acquisitions in the Southeast for one of our institutional clients from a local developer. In one restaurant lease in each of the centers, the developer had negotiated a […]

Buried language can burn you

I am sure I sound like a broken record to anyone who has ever taken more than one of my classes because I always (seriously always) bring up how language can be buried deep within a lease that can change the cash flow from a tenant. The best example I can give is one landord’s […]

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