Retail vs. office leases

Last month, we worked on a beautiful, relatively new lifestyle retail property in California. It was developed by company that traditionally develops office. We did not know that they were office developers when we started the project. It became obvious after abstracting the first two leases. How could it be obvious by reading lease? By […]

The landlord’s best case scenario – Its standard lease

It doesn’t get better than the landlord’s standard lease. Seriously. The language in the standard lease is typically the best the landlord can possibly do because changes negotiated from its standard almost always favor the tenant. A landlord doesn’t have a standard lease form and then have the ability to say 「We are going to […]

Who needs a blog about lease administration and lease language?

For the past 21 years, I have had the unique pleasure and responsibility of teaching a variety of courses for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Most of the classes have been related to lease language, common area maintenance or accounting for non-accounting professionals. And, I probably get as much or more out of […]

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