Unique retail environment

Next week will be back to the regular lease administration blog, but, for now, a little more Mexican retail. One sight in Puebla that does not show up on TripAdvisor is truly “experiential retail” – Container City. Puebla is very much a university town, and Container City is an area designed for those students. It […]

Buen Fin!

November 18, 2018 Jack Nugent     This week, the blog will not be about lease administration. Rather, it is just a few pictures to give you confidence going in to the upcoming holiday retail season. My wife and I are visiting our son in Puebla, Mexico this week. We happened to arrive during Buen […]

Prior defaults

This past week, we worked on a 40 tenant open air center acquisition. Often times, a seller severely restricts the information provided to our clients, the buyers. Fortunately, this time, we had almost free access to the seller’s files. Many of the leases were leases that had been amended and extended 3,4,5 times since their […]

Property managers and operations managers – Help me help you!

There is a really great class offered by ICSC fairly regularly, Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Shopping Center Professionals. I have taught a part of this class since 1996. There is also another class, the Economics of the Deal/Lease. Both are for those in the industry that don’t have to regularly deal with numbers, and […]

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