Property Lease Audit & Review

Meridian’s lease audit programs are designed to ensure that the maximum potential cash flow available from a property is realized by the owner, while identifying potential areas of exposure through a review of both financial and non-financial covenants of leases.¬† Meridian has developed ¬†comprehensive lease audit programs for leading REITS, institutions and property management companies.¬† Rather than utilize their existing auditors or employ an internal staff, these firms have decided to outsource this important function with Meridian’s industry specialists.¬† Meridian’s custom designed program is tailored to address your specific areas of concern, resulting in a structured program that thoroughly discloses uncollected funds and ensures the information maintained in the property management system is accurate.

Meridian has completed more than 2,500 office and retail lease audits for clients. With only one exception, each has resulted in historical recoveries in excess of our professional fee. Prospective increases to property cash flow are also significantly increased.